Learn How to Build Intelligent Chatbots with This IBM Certificate Program

Learn How to Build Intelligent Chatbots with This IBM Certificate Program

Providing customer support around the clock can be an expensive business. That’s why many companies are now deploying chatbots to handle simple queries and capture leads. Because the technology is still quite new, there is currently a dearth of chatbot developers. This IBM Certificate Program helps you dive into this lucrative niche, with three complete courses and one year of free hosting with IBM Watson. You can enroll now for $257 at the XDA Developers Depot.

The IBM Watson question-answer platform allows companies of all sizes to run intelligent chatbots. In turn, these businesses can cut staff hours, reduce response times, and make more sales. For obvious reasons, demand is through the roof.

This program helps you take advantage of this opportunity by showing you how to create chatbots yourself. And, by the end of the program, you will be a certified developer.

Through video tutorials, you learn the fundamentals of AI and the key principles of good chatbot design. You then learn how to build chatbots for websites and Messenger using Watson, and leverage data to make your chatbots smarter.

As a student, you also get one free year of Watson Assistant. This means you can host up to 10 chatbots without paying a dime.

Order now for $257 to get the program at $40 off the full price.


IBM Certificate Program: Building Chatbots Powered By AI – $257

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