Learn how to make your own robots with this 5-eBook Bundle

Learn how to make your own robots with this 5-eBook Bundle

Robots rule the world. Although it’s not nearly as terrifying as most people predicted (at least not yet), robotics and programming are the driving forces behind everything from self-driving cars to targeted advertising campaigns, and our reliance on these digital helpers continues to grow exponentially.

So, it should come as no surprise that if you want to land the best careers of both today and tomorrow, you need to have a solid understanding of how these machines work and communicate with one another.

The Complete Robotics eBook Bundle introduces you to some of the most important and relied-upon languages and platforms in this increasingly important field, and it’s currently available for 90% off at just $19.

Through five comprehensive eBooks penned by industry professionals, this bundle walks you primarily through the Robot Operating System (ROS), which stands as the most powerful software framework for modeling, simulating, and prototyping robots.

By the time you’re done with this instruction, you’ll understand how to build a self-driving car, how to use image recognition and deep learning for an almost limitless number of tasks, how to create and control a robotic arm, and much more.

Don’t get left behind during the robotics revolution. The Complete Robotics eBook Bundle will teach you everything you need to know for just $19—90% off its usual price.


The Complete Robotics eBook Bundle – $19

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