Learn How to Read Gerrit Logs

Learn How to Read Gerrit Logs

Long time users of source-built ROMs have no doubt heard of Gerrit. For those who don’t know, Gerrit is a code review and management system where users and developers alike can see the various proposed changes made to code. Unfortunately, it can be a little difficult for new users to comprehend, as things aren’t listed out in a change log like most ROMs posted to the threads.

XDA Senior Member krazeecracker has posted a short guide in the T-Moble Galaxy S II forums on how to move around Gerrit and understand what’s going on. It isn’t too terribly difficult once you know the layout.


First, krazeecracker explains what all the various columns are on the main page:

ID: The number used for categorizing, not important
Subject: What was changed
Owner: Who submitted the change
Project: Where in the rom the change is located
Branch: Self explanatory
Updated: When it was merged to the rom
V: Its been verified to be merged
R: It has been reviewed before it was merged

Then, there is an explanation on how to read a change once you opened its individual page. This includes where to find exactly what each piece of code does and whether or not it’s been reviewed, merged, etc. For additional details, check out the original thread.

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