Learn More about Repo Tool and Port Your Favorite ROM on Your Own

Learn More about Repo Tool and Port Your Favorite ROM on Your Own

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Porting a ROM is an amazing adventure, as well as an excellent learning experience. Here at XDA, we have hundreds of ROMs floating around ready to be ported to your device. If your device has a working device tree, you may begin your journey with a repo tool and later on with ROM building.

If you happen to be looking for a list of ROMs available to compile, XDA Forum Member PixCM created a thread with a list of repo initialization commands, making the search much less fatiguing. The list contains 17 positions including Gingerbread ROMs, MIUI, Mokee, and other Jellybean and KitKat ROMs. The guide also contains links to teams’ Github repositories, so the code can be verified before syncing.

This guide, combined with some other guides available on XDA University, allows you to create a ROM for your device. And with a little bit of practice, reading, and Java/C++ work, you will be able to create your own, unique ROM. Every opportunity is good to start. But before flashing a homemade ROM, it’s recommended that you make a backup of your current software in the event that something goes wrong.

The commands and a short explanation of repo tool can be found in the original thread, so head over there to get started.