Learn to build apps for Android 11 with this bundle of 11 courses for just $40

Learn to build apps for Android 11 with this bundle of 11 courses for just $40

For anyone who loves playing around with Android, app development can make a great career. Experienced professionals earn over $126,000 a year on average, and there is significant demand for new talent. 

The Complete Android 11 Developer Bundle can help you get started, with 11 top-rated courses. You can get it today for only $39.99 over at the XDA Developers Depot. Here’s a closer look at the training:

The Complete Android 11 Developer Course

As the name suggests, this 15-hour course provides the ideal introduction to app development. Through concise lessons, you learn how to work with Android Studio and code with Kotlin

Kotlin for Beginners

As powerful as Java but quicker to write, Kotlin is the favorite language of Android developers. This one-hour crash course shows you how to start using the language in your own projects.

Master Kotlin: Learn Kotlin to Develop Android Apps

To take your knowledge further, this course dives into program flow, data collections, API calls, and more. It comes from SkillBakery Studio, a publisher rated at 4.1 stars by students.

Java for Android App Development

Of course, it’s important to know Java as well. This course teaches you the basics: variables, operators, loops, arrays, OOP, and more. By the end of the 20 lessons, you should have built your first app.

Design Modern User Interfaces for Android Applications

If you want to launch your own apps on the Play Store, you need design skills as well as coding knowledge. This five-hour course explains how to create a rich, modern UI for any app.

Networking in Android

Most apps require some kind of Internet connection. This course shows you how to transfer data online and build your own newsreader app using Volley, Retrofit, and XMLPullParser.

Handling Background Tasks in Android

This quick course helps you understand how a job scheduler and work manager works. Your app needs to utilize the features to run in the background when users are multitasking.

Activities & Fragments in Android

You learn about more of the nuts and bolts of Android in this three-hour course. The tutorials guide you through building a gym app while teaching you about activity lifecycles, fragments, callback interfaces, and more.

Create a Library Management Application in Android Studio

Delivered by experienced Android developer Meisam Mansourzadeh, this course gets you to build a full-featured app from scratch. It covers everything from a simple delete button to share preferences.

Complete Java Masterclass: Become an Android App Developer

This Java course comes from the owner of a successful development studio, Mammoth Interactive. It includes 26 lessons, covering all the fundamentals.

The Complete Firebase Course with Kotlin

Firebase is a cloud-based platform that lets you write apps without back-end code. This course shows you how to use the platform to build apps with multi-user authentication, cloud storage, and more.

The full bundle offers 38 hours of content, worth $2,200. Order today for just $39.99 to get lifetime access at 98% off the full price.


The Complete Android 11 Developer Bundle – $39.99

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