Learn to Build Windows Apps and More with this C# Coding Bootcamp

Learn to Build Windows Apps and More with this C# Coding Bootcamp

Just like songs on Billboard, programming languages go through phases of popularity. Right now, many recruiters are looking for people with C# coding skills. If you want to seize this opportunity, the Complete C# Coding Bootcamp can help you master the language. This learning library includes 11 video courses and over 89 hours of hands-on instruction, with lessons starting from scratch. Right now, you can get the training for just $31 via the XDA Developers Depot.

There are many good reasons to learn C#. This language is the foundation of Windows software and is used extensively in game development. A solid grounding in C# will also make other languages easier to learn, including Java, Objective-C and PHP.

This bundle provides a comprehensive education in C#. Suitable for beginners, the hands-on lessons help you master the language one step at a time.

You start by learning the key elements of C# — boxing, type conversion, loops, operators, objects, classes, and so on. You then put this knowledge into action through fun projects. Along the way, you will work with APIs, build your own desktop programs, dig into data, and more.

Order now for $31 to get the Complete C# Coding Bootcamp, worth $765.


Complete C# Coding Bootcamp – $31

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