Learn to Handle Your Accounts Like a Pro with this $29 QuickBooks Training

Learn to Handle Your Accounts Like a Pro with this $29 QuickBooks Training

Keeping track of your income and expenditure is a vital part of running a business or working freelance. But unless you are a trained accountant, working with financial software can be pretty confusing. The Complete QuickBooks Guru Bundle helps you get started with one of the most intuitive apps around. The bundle includes seven beginner-friendly courses and 85 hours of video tutorials — and you can get it now for just $29 via the XDA Developers Depot.

Unlike many accounting platforms, QuickBooks by Intuit was designed specifically for small businesses and freelancers. If you want to start bookkeeping or you simply want to take control of your finances, this training offers essential knowledge.

Through hands-on video lessons, you learn how to record both your personal and business figures in QuickBooks. The training covers profit and loss, equity, expenses, graphs, reports, and much more. You also discover how to use QuickBooks to handle your personal taxes, along with employee payroll.

The bundle includes downloadable PDF reference sheets, and certificates of completion for each course — particularly useful if you plan to take on bookkeeping work.

These courses are worth $1,400 in total, but you can grab them now for just $29 with this bundle.


The Complete QuickBooks Guru Bundle – $29

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