Leave an Honor View 10 Video Review and Win a New Phone and a Trip to Paris

Leave an Honor View 10 Video Review and Win a New Phone and a Trip to Paris

Honor has an exciting opportunity for the creative members of our community. Honor wants your honest review of the Honor View 10 in the form of a video. This competition will have users make video reviews of the phone for a chance to win a new Honor View 10 and a trip to Paris to attend the Modern Combat Versus e-sports final. The winner will get to livestream the event on their new Honor View 10!

So here is how this is going to work.

If You Own an Honor View 10

For those of you that own an Honor View 10, all you have to do is make a video review of your phone and upload it to your YouTube account. Honor will share video reviews to help drive traffic to your channel. This is a good opportunity for new tech channels looking to get some exposure. If you end up winning the contest, you will receive a red Honor View 10.

Submit your video VIA Google Form

Video review deadline: 03/12/2018

If You Don’t Own an Honor View 10

If you don’t have a View 10, you can still participate in this contest. Write a script detailing how you would review the Honor View 10. Then submit your script and link to your YouTube channel. Once Honor has reviewed the scripts and seen your YouTube channels, they will pick the best scripts and send those people an Honor View 10 to review. You can submit your script VIA the official thread, or you can submit using the Google form.

Submit your script VIA Google Form

Script deadline: 02/27/2018

If you have any questions about this contest, go leave a comment in the official thread here.

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