LeEco Sends Out Press Invites for an Event in the US

LeEco Sends Out Press Invites for an Event in the US

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LeEco, formerly known as LeTV, is a massive Chinese conglomerate that has their hand in all sorts of industries. The company deals with music, sports, smart TVs, cloud computing, driverless cars, and has made a big splash in China and India with their smartphone business. Much like Xiaomi, LeEco’s smartphones are priced very competitively and with impressive build quality for the price you pay.

The LeEco Le Max 2 was already a popular phone for the company in India, and they just gave it a temporary price cut, down to Rs. 17,999 (~$270USD). It is hard for OEMs to compete with LeEco when it comes to price, and lately we’ve seen the company start to plan an expansion into the United States. They opened up their first United States headquarters in San Jose earlier this year, then bought over 48 acres of land from Yahoo a month later, and finally confirmed something big for the US this fall season.

At the time they announced their fall surprise for the United States, LeEco had already hired 400 employees. The company says they they are on track to grow this number to 1,000 before the end of the year so it seems obvious they are planning for something big in the states. Now, LeEco has started to send out press invites to various technology publications for an upcoming event that will take place in San Francisco on October 19th.

They have yet to confirm exactly what this event will be about, but many are speculating it will be the first time their products will officially be sold in the country, and some reports claim they might be bringing their services too. But again, LeEco is involved in a number of industries so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what they’re planning. We would like to think they will announce plans to sell their smartphones in the US (and we believe it makes the most sense, given other similarly competitive companies are doing the same lately), but this could be about smart TVs, smart bikes, etcetera. We’ll just have to wait a few weeks and see how things turn out.

Source: TechnoBuffalo