Lenovo Ships 11 Million Smartphones in Q2 2017, 3 Million Moto Z Sales in 12 Months

Lenovo Ships 11 Million Smartphones in Q2 2017, 3 Million Moto Z Sales in 12 Months

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We’re starting to see a number of estimates when it comes to smartphone shipments for Q2 2017. These are typically based on market research firms who have partnerships with retail outlets around the world and it allows them to estimate how the market is doing at any given time. Lenovo however has come out and announced how many  smartphones they were able to ship during the second quarter of this year, and then they talked about sales numbers for their Moto Z.

This is a rather interesting move as we typically don’t see an OEM announce sales or shipment numbers like this. Sometimes we’ll see reports of a new flagship selling X millions during the first month, but any sales figures after that are normally just estimates from said market research firms. This press release shows the company was able to ship 11 million smartphones during the second quarter of of 2017 (which is their first quarter of the fiscal year).

The company cites revenue growth outside of China, which is great for them, but they still reported a $72 million net loss for the quarter. This was to be expected since they’ve been having these financial issues for quite some time now. Executives at Lenovo consistently talk about restructuring, and because of that they have been able to trim a lot of the fat back (similar to what HTC has been doing lately). Their overall revenue has stalled at $10 billion for the quarter though, when looking at last year), but is actually up 4.5% compared the quarter before.

Lenovo is a big company though and the mobile division saw revenues of $1.7 billion, which is up by 7.6% compared to last year. They were able to hit their goal of selling 3 million Moto Z smartphones in the first 12 months of release, and they were able to increase shipments by 12.3% outside of China. Their biggest growth looks to be Western Europe (with a growth of 137%) and Latin America (56% growth).

Source: Lenovo Newsroom