Lenovo A6000, Launched in January 2015 with Android KitKat, Receives Unofficial Android 8.0 Oreo Port

The software situation of Lenovo phones has been, to put it in simple words, less than ideal. Putting the whole spyware thing to a side, updates for their smartphone lineup have been really slow and lacing during the past few years, on both their Motorola-branded phones and their own, Lenovo-branded devices. They still produce good hardware and while there have been rare cases of redemption, as long as you know how to stay clear of Lenovo’s software by using custom ROMs, you should have a great phone. And speaking about Lenovo custom ROMs, we are now getting an Android Oreo taste for the Lenovo A6000.

The Lenovo A6000, which was launched back in January 2015 with a Snapdragon 410 and Android 4.4 KitKat (Android 5.0 Lollipop was already out back then), has now received a new cookie flavor thanks to XDA Recognized Developer dev_harsh1998, who has successfully ported a mostly stable build of Android 8.0 to the device. And by “mostly stable” we mean that, aside from a buggy WiFi Hotspot, all basic features (including full camera capabilities, which has been the main problem on most unofficial Oreo ROMs) are completely working as expected. The ROM is based on pure AOSP Android, without any additional features or gimmicks.

If you have a Lenovo A6000 and want to give this a spin, then head over to the official XDA thread to download it and install it on your device. Be mindful, however, that it’s still marked as a beta build, and you will probably find some undocumented bugs during your testing. The developer has provided means for reporting them, luckily, as he is pretty active on the Telegram testing group. Seeing a low end device receive such awesome support is actually really great, and we are really excited to see how this turns out.

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