Lenovo is Ditching their “Moto by Lenovo” Branding Plans, Reintroducing “Motorola” Name

Lenovo is Ditching their “Moto by Lenovo” Branding Plans, Reintroducing “Motorola” Name

When Lenovo first acquired Motorola from Google, the company said they were proud of what Motorola had been able to achieve over the years. Lenovo said they didn’t want to mess with the inner workings of Motorola and just wanted to introduce them into markets around the world where their products were not being sold. Sadly though, the transition didn’t work out the way Lenovo had wanted so then their executives started to make some changes.

So back in January of last year Lenovo announced they would be phasing out the Motorola brand name. The company felt it would be better to just focus on the Moto part, and to use their own branding power to help increase sales. The company said that going forward, devices from this department would be advertised as “Moto by Lenovo.” The company had all year to set this up but then they released both the Moto Z family as well as the Moto G4 family and neither of them carried this new branding.

Some wondered if Lenovo just wasn’t ready to transition to the Moto by Lenovo branding or if they had changed their minds altogether. All we knew was their finances were taking a hit and the company as a whole was going through a major restructuring process to put them back into profitability. While it’s still unclear what the future of Lenovo and Motorola may bring, we are now getting some more information about this branding crisis they have been going through.

Roger Cheng from CNET was able to sit down with Motorola Chairman and President Aymar de Lencquesaing to talk about the issue. It seems both Lenovo and Motorola now agree that it was a bad idea to ditch the branding since it is such an iconic name in the mobile phone business (and even the technology industry as a whole). Now it has been confirmed that Lenovo will slowly migrate back to the Motorola branding in every market their devices are sold in.

Source: CNET

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