Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone teased to come with a 144Hz display, liquid cooling

Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone teased to come with a 144Hz display, liquid cooling

The Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone is not really a surprise. The Legion phone was extensively leaked by us back in May, revealing most major specifications and details about the phone. Still, official teasers serve as confirmation on what to expect out of Lenovo’s first gaming smartphone. The latest round of teasers suggests that the Lenovo Legion will indeed join the rare breed of smartphones to come with a 144Hz high refresh rate display, and will also come with a dual-chamber liquid cooling system.

Lenovo has begun teasing the Legion phone on Weibo. One of the teasers attempts to highlight the difference between gaming at 60Hz and at 144Hz.


The teaser seemingly suggests that the Lenovo Legion will offer a smooth gaming experience because of its high refresh rate display. The higher refresh rate will allow for smoother transitions, which is unlike the jarring transitions experienced on 60Hz refresh rate displays. However, keep in mind that the game also needs to support high-refresh rates for the player to actually notice a difference and not be bottle-necked. Devices like the Nubia Red Magic 5G, Nubia Play 5G, and iQOO Neo3 5G all sport a 144Hz refresh rate display, but the games that can actually take advantage of this specification are few. So with the inclusion of one more smartphone to the list, we hope the list of supported games also grows accordingly.

Further, the teasers for the Lenovo Legion also suggest that the phone will come with dual-chamber liquid cooling. This is passive liquid cooling, which will essentially take the form of a wet vapor chamber.

A lot of smartphones utilize vapor chambers to manage heat dissipation. Lenovo also states that the phone will have “14-point temperature control matrix” which we believe will help in accurate internal temperature monitoring.

The Lenovo Legion smartphone will be launching in China on July 22. The phone has been confirmed to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus SoC. Our previous leak indicates that the phone will also have 90W fast charging, 5000mAh battery, 2x USB Type-C ports, a notch-less display with a side popup camera, UFS 3.0 internal storage and LPDDR5 RAM, 64MP dual rear camera, and a 20MP front camera.

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