Lenovo Mirage Solo’s latest update brings Daydream VR’s see-through mode

Lenovo Mirage Solo’s latest update brings Daydream VR’s see-through mode

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Android has been part of the VR headset movement ever since Google began experimenting with Google Cardboard. This project evolved into what is currently known as Daydream VR and there are a couple of dedicated headsets made specifically for this technology. Early last year, Lenovo launched the Mirage Solo with its WorldSense inside-out tracking in an attempt to have both an AR and VR headset combined into one. Later on in the year, Google brought a few new features to Daydream headsets (including see-through mode) and the latest update to the Mirage Solo brings these features to the device.

When most people think of Daydream headsets they probably think of the Daydream View. This is a headset that is sold by Google and lets you use your smartphone as a VR device simply be slotting the device into the headset. This, combined with the Daydream VR software, has helped to bring virtual reality to those who have yet to buy a dedicated headset. It is compatible with a number of smartphones, but Lenovo wanted to launch a dedicated Daydream VR headset that didn’t require you to use your smartphone.

This dedicated hardware also allowed Lenovo to have a device that supported more than just VR. Augmented Reality is going to be huge when a device comes along that can bring it to the masses and Lenovo thought the Mirage Solo would help to combine both technologies. This was great as Google is also working to bring some AR features to Daydream and they did it with the introduction of see-through mode late last year.

It has taken Lenovo a while to get the Mirage Solo updated with this new feature but current owners should see the update soon (if you haven’t already). Being able to combine both AR and VR together is great as there aren’t that many AR experiences right now (although Google has been working on some experiments with Playground).

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