Lenovo’s P-series ThinkPads and ThinkStation PCs are getting Linux options

Lenovo’s P-series ThinkPads and ThinkStation PCs are getting Linux options

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Earlier this year in January, Dell unveiled the 2020 refresh for its XPS series of laptops. As part of the lineup, Dell released the XPS 13 2020 with 10th Gen Intel Ice Lake chips. Along with the regular Windows-based variants of the notebook, Dell also released a Ubuntu-based Developer Edition of the XPS 13 2020 featuring Ubuntu 18.04LTS. Up until now, Dell was one of the only major PC OEMs to officially offer Linux distribution options for its notebooks. However, Lenovo will soon be joining Dell by offering Linux-based versions of its P-series ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkStation PCs.

In a recent press release, Rob Herman, General Manager, Executive Director Workstation and Client AI Group at Lenovo, has revealed that the company is moving to certify its entire workstation portfolio for top Linux distributions from Ubuntu and Red Hat. As part of the move, the company’s portfolio of ThinkStation PCs and ThinkPad P-series notebooks will be certified by both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu LTS, enabling end-to-end support for enterprise users. This will include regular security patches and updates to keep the systems secure, verified hardware drivers, along with firmware and BIOS optimizations. On top of that, the company will also upstream device drivers directly to the Linux kernel to ensure stability and compatibility throughout the system’s lifetime.

In the Red Hat ecosystem, Lenovo has also partnered with the Fedora project to offer a pilot program with a preloaded Fedora image on the ThinkPad P53 and P1 Gen 2 systems. By certifying its entire workstation portfolio, Lenovo aims to prioritize the needs of specialized end-users and provide the best possible out-of-the-box Linux experience. The certified portfolio of workstations will also be fully customizable and configured-to-order, based on the needs of the end-user. Additionally, Lenovo will be providing complete web support, dedicated Linux forums, configuration guidance, and more to prospective buyers. The new Linux-based workstation lineup will roll out over the summer, starting with the ThinkPad P-series notebooks this month.

Source: Lenovo StoryHub