Lenovo Shares Details of Moto Mods and Compatibility Roadmap

Lenovo Shares Details of Moto Mods and Compatibility Roadmap

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When it was revealed that the LG G5 would have module support, it made a lot of people get hyped about the smartphone. This also made a lot of people wonder just how long they would be supported by LG smartphones too.

LG’s modules, and even the Moto Mod ones, are expensive accessories and the value they bring can diminish when they aren’t supported for a long time. LG was asked this question many times and all they would confirm was that they would be compatible with a future device.

As it turns out, the LG G5 wasn’t very successful for LG and this resulted in the company dropping module support for the upcoming LG G6. People have also been asking the same questions of Lenovo and Motorola. Which, again, is very important considering the price of these modules. We haven’t heard the company comment on how long they expect to manufacture smartphones that are compatible with this Moto Mod system.

That is until now. Lenovo’s General Manager Middle East for Smartphones Sharay Shams was recently interviewed and he was able to share some of their plans for the Moto Mods modular system. Firstly, we learned that Motorola is currently planning on releasing 12 new Moto Mods throughout the year. Mr. Shams didn’t go into detail nor explain which modules we can expect, but they have been holding workshops around the world to get support from developers for the ecosystem.

The bigger news here, at least for most people already invested in the platform, is that Motorola plans to support Moto Mods with smartphones that will be “introduced by the company over the next three years.” Granted, LG had plans to keep supporting their module system for longer than one device and that was changed too. So we could end up seeing the same with Motorola, but at least at this time they’re expected to support it for a few years. Whether this means that flagships will support Moto Mods, or that all Moto Mods will be supported by future phones, is something we can’t discern right now.

Source: The Express Tribune