Today only: Get a Lenovo Smart Clock on sale, starting at $25

Today only: Get a Lenovo Smart Clock on sale, starting at $25

The Lenovo Smart Clock lineup has been around for a few years now, with some models using Google Assistant, and others with Amazon Alexa. No matter which virtual helper is included, the clocks are essentially smart speakers in the form factor and design of a bedside clock, and now some of them are on sale at Best Buy for today only (February 28).

First up is the original Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, which is a smart speaker with an LED clock face and Google Assistant. It works just like a Nest Mini or other simple Google Assistant speaker, but with an always-on digital clock and weather indicator. There’s even a USB Type-A port on the back, so you can charge a phone or other USB-powered device without taking up another power outlet.


Next up is the 2nd Gen Lenovo Smart Clock, which is a bit closer to a smart display (like the Google Nest Hub). The clock display is a small touchscreen panel, with a few different options for backgrounds/styles and simple music controls. Even though it has a display, you can’t actually play any video content on it, like you can with a Nest Hub — check out our full Lenovo Smart Clock 2 review for more information.

    This is basically an LED clock and a Google Assistant smart speaker in one. It's $24.99 right now, a discount of $25 from the original price.

    This has a touchscreen, multiple clock styles, and Google Assistant. It's on sale for $44.99, a savings of $25 from the original price.

    This is the 2nd Gen Lenovo Smart Clock, but with a detachable wireless charging dock for an extra $20.

Finally, the 2nd Gen Lenovo Smart Clock with the Wireless Charging Dock is also on sale. As the name implies, this is just the latest Smart Clock with a detachable wireless charging dock. You can set a phone or other Qi-compatible device on the pad to charge it, which might look a bit cleaner on your bedstand than other charging setups. However, at $20 more expensive than the clock by itself (even during this sale), it might not be worth the extra cost for everyone.

Best Buy’s website says all the sales end at midnight on February 28.

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