[Update: Teased at Computex] The Lenovo Yoga Book may be getting a successor

[Update: Teased at Computex] The Lenovo Yoga Book may be getting a successor

Update 6/5/18: Lenovo has teased the 2nd generation Yoga Book at Computex. More info below.

In 2016, Lenovo launched a convertible laptop called the Yoga Book. The device was more than your typical convertible laptop. It had a completely flat touch-sensitive “keyboard” dubbed the “Create Pad.” You could type on the virtual keyboard and draw with a stylus. Lenovo offered the Yoga Book is both Android and Windows 10 flavors. Now, it looks like the Yoga Book 2 is in the works.

Regulatory filling from the Bluetooth SIG website mention two new Lenovo devices: Lenovo Pen Pro and YogaBook2 Pro. That’s really all we know at this point. Screen size, operating system, chipset, and everything else is still unknown. The 2016 model was available with Android and Windows, but Lenovo was planning to release a Chrome OS version. That never happened, unfortunately.

The original Yoga Book had a 10-inch touchscreen display, Intel Atom processor, and 4GB of RAM. Those specs would obviously be upgraded, but we’d expect the overall design to be similar. 2018 would be a perfect time to announce a Chrome OS Yoga Book as we’ve seen the platform really take off with the addition of Android apps. Plenty of Chromebooks have touchscreens and stylus’ these days.

The original Yoga Book cost $500 for the Android version and $650 for Windows 10. Lenovo also released a more budget-friendly version with downgraded specs for $299. Those prices still seem pretty reasonable for 2018, so we’d expect similar pricing. Would you be interested in a Lenovo Yoga Book 2? What operating system would you want on it?

Update: Teaser

Lenovo has teased the upcoming Yoga Book 2 at Computex 2018. They didn’t provide a lot of information, but they did share a few details. It will have dual touch panels again and the touch keyboard will have AI. We’re not sure if the second panel will be a full touchscreen like the main display. We also don’t know if there will be an Android version like the last generation. The inking experience will be enhanced and it will have an upgraded Intel CPU. Lenovo did not share a release date other than sometime this year.

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