LeSScroPAD, Skin for WAD2.x

LeSScroPAD, Skin for WAD2.x

Our dear friend and XDA member lesscro just released today this incredible skin for Windows Mobile devices using WAD2 for devices with WVGA resolutions. The design has been taken care of  in great detail to completely change the UI with this super fresh skin.
The developer states it´s easy to use, even easier than Windows Phone 7.
Features like Xbox 360 avatar, stocks, weather, operator Logo and skinning options are present in his work.

Originally posted by lesscro
LeSScro PAd is my new definition of UI… based on new Style from tablet & Interaction between device and User, i think is more easy to use than WP7…
All is here… if you need more, you can access your device easily…

Support :

  • Xbox 360 avatar
  • Stocks
  • Weather
  • Operator Logo
  • Skinning Option
  • ect…

You can find more information in the skin thread.

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