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Get a 4K 32-inch LG monitor for under $300 this Cyber Monday

Get a 4K 32-inch LG monitor for under $300 this Cyber Monday

Want to get into the world of 4K monitors? This Cyber Monday deal on an LG 4K 32-inch monitor might be for you. This entry-level 4K monitor comes with HDR10 support, and it also supports AMD FreeSync in case you’re planning to game on it. On top of that, it covers 90% of the DCI-P3 color space. Usually, this monitor goes for $350, but right now, you can get for just under $300, so now is a good time to buy if you’ve been thinking about an upgrade.

    This entry-level 4K monitor cover 90% of DCI-P3 and includes AMD FreeSync support.

In addition to the extremely sharp resolution and slid color coverage, you get a fairly quick 4ms response time, so you shouldn’t notice any kind of delay in most situations. This LG 32-inch monitor also has two 5W speakers built-in, meaning you should get an immersive audio experience, too. Additionally, LG touts a “virtually borderless” screen thanks to small bezels on the top and sides of the display.

Of course, this is a relatively affordable monitor, so it’s not going to be the very best at everything. It goes up to 350 nits of brightness, and while that’s fine for indoor use, it’s not great for HDR support. The monitor can interpret HDR data, but because it’s not very bright, it won’t give you the best experience in that regard.

As for inputs, the monitor comes with two HDMI 1.4 ports and one DisplayPort 1.2 port, though you’ll need to supply your own cable for the latter. Most PCs support HDMI first, so that shouldn’t be an issue, and it may actually be better for compatibility.

This LG monitor is a solid choice if you want 4K on the cheap, but if you’re looking for a different kind of monitor, check out our list of Cyber Monday PC deals to explore some other options, including some high refresh rate panels if you’re more into gaming. If you’re also looking for mobile tech, we have a separate Cyber Monday hub for that.

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