[Update: LG Q7] LG’s first Android One device may be a T-Mobile USA exclusive

[Update: LG Q7] LG’s first Android One device may be a T-Mobile USA exclusive

Back in 2014, Google announced the Android One program as part of the company’s initiative to expand into emerging markets in South and Southeast Asia. Android One offers users a taste of stock Android even if they can’t afford the latest Google flagship. It’s a great way to help keep Android users up-to-date as well, as most Android One devices have received updates fairly quickly (though I’m sure Xiaomi Mi A1 owners would disagree). The Motorola Moto X4 on Project Fi and the latest Nokia-branded smartphones like the Nokia 6.1 are among the few Android One devices available in the United States. It seems that LG’s first Android One device is coming exclusively for T-Mobile USA, giving customers in the US another option if they want stock Android. Update: this device is likely a special Android One variant of the LG Q7 exclusively for T-Mobile.

Evidence for an unreleased Android One device from LG emerged from an unexpected location: kernel source code for another unreleased LG device. The LG Stylo 4 will reportedly be launching tomorrow on US MVNO MetroPCS. Almost everything about this device has already been leaked online—either by LG or MetroPCS themselves—so there’s not much worth to discuss. However, LG has taken the unusual step in releasing the kernel source code for the Stylo 4 in advance of the device’s announcement. Since the Stylo 4 will be LG’s first device launching with Android 8.1 Oreo, XDA Recognized Contributor deadman96385 decided to take a look through the kernel source code to see if there was anything interesting. Lo and behold, he found a model for a new LG Android One smartphone that is headed for T-Mobile. (Side-note: deadman96385 found the kernel source code by looking up the model number in hands-on videos published before the device’s launch.)

What we know about LG’s Android One device headed to T-Mobile

Update 6/18/18: According to Google’s list of Play Certified devices, cv5a is the model name for the LG Q7. Hence, this T-Mobile Android One device is likely a carrier variant of the Q7.

LG Q7 T-Mobile Android One

Digging through the device tree source code, deadman96385 first discovered evidence of the device by seeing a model called “cv5a” with the carrier “tmo”, country code “us”, and suffix “sprout.” The “tmo” and “us” tell us that the device is a T-Mobile USA device, while the “sprout” codename is used to signify an Android One device. Notably, the “sprout” codename isn’t present on the other regional models such as the one for NTT DoCoMo in Japan (dcm_jp), South Korea (lgu_kr, skt_kr, lgu_ldu), or the international variant (lao_com).

LG Android One T-Mobile

For good measure, here’s a list of every Android One device and their codename. I hope this list makes it easy to see why we believe this “sdm450-cv5a_tmo_us_sprout” device is an Android One device. I compiled this list based on Google’s public list of Certified Android devices.

List of Android One devices

  • BQ Aquaris A4.5 – Aquaris_A45_sprout
  • BQ Aquaris X2 – zangya_sprout
  • Cherry Mobile H220 – ctih220_sprout
  • Cherry Mobile One – H940_sprout
  • Evercoss One X – A65_sprout
  • General Mobile 4G – gm4g_s_sprout/gm4gkc_s_sprout
  • General Mobile 4G Dual – gm4g_sprout
  • General Mobile 5 – gm5_s_sprout
  • General Mobile GM 6 d – GM6_d_sprout
  • General Mobile GM 6 s – GM6_s_sprout
  • General Mobile GM5 Plus – gm5plus_s_sprout
  • General Mobile GM5 Plus Turkcell – gm5plustkc_s_sprout
  • General Mobile GM5 Plus d – gm5plus_sprout
  • General Mobile GM8 – GM8_d_sprout
  • General Mobile 5 d – gm5_sprout
  • HTC U11 life/X2-HT – htc_ocla1_sprout
  • I-Mobile IQ II – imobileiq2_sprout
  • Infinix HOT 2 – Infinix_X510_sprout
  • Infinix Note 5 – Infinix_X604_sprout
  • Karbonn Sparkle V – Sparkle_V_sprout
  • Kyocera S2 – S2_sprout
  • Kyocera S4 – S4-KC_sprout
  • Kyocera X3 – X3-KC_sprout
  • Lava Pixel V1 – PixelV1G_sprout
  • Micromax Canvas A1 – AQ4501_sprout
  • Mito A10 – A10_sprout
  • Motorola Moto X4 – payton_sprout
  • Myphone UNO – UNO_sprout
  • Nexian journey one – Mi438S_sprout
  • Nokia 3.1 – ES2N_sprout
  • Nokia 5.1 – CO2_sprout
  • Nokia 6.1 – PL2_sprout
  • Nokia 7 Plus – B2N_sprout
  • Nokia 8 Sirocco – A1N_sprout
  • QMobile A1 – A1_sprout
  • Sharp 507SH – eve_sprout
  • Sharp S1 – kaleido_sprout
  • Sharp S3 – rome_sprout
  • Sharp X1 – nasa_sprout
  • Sharp X4 – vespa_sprout
  • Spice Dream Uno – Mi-498_sprout
  • Symphony Roar A50 – Roar_A50_sprout
  • Xiaomi Mi A1 – tissot_sprout
  • Xiaomi Mi A2 – jasmine_sprout (rumor)

Now, for the rumored specifications. We based this list of specifications off of files we discovered in the source code such as “sdm450-cv5a-panel.dtsi”, “sdm450-cv5a_tmo_us_sprout-pm.dtsi”, and others.

Rumored SpecificationsT-Mobile USA/LG Android One device (likely the LG Q7)
CPUQualcomm Snapdragon 450 (running in 32bit mode)
RAMUnknown. ZRAM is enabled, so it’s likely 2-3GBs.
CameraSensors unknown. Rear camera flash. Possibly a camera button exists as there’s support for a 2 stage button in the code.
StorageUnknown flash storage
Display5.5-inch FHD+ (1080×2160) 18:9 LCD panel. (Specifically, this one.)
AudioHiFi ES9218P audio DAC (used in the LG V30)
Battery3,000mAh with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support
PortsUSB Type-C port (TI TUSB422)
ConnectivityNFC (PN553)
SoftwareAndroid 8.1 Oreo (Android One)
FingerprintNo. Other regional variants seem to have the FPC1028 though.
MiscellaneousVibration motor. Notification/Battery LED. FM Radio. Some form of waterproofing.
AvailabilityUnknown. Stylo 4 kernel was packaged on 3/14/18, so this device has been in development before then.

If we learn more about this device, we’ll let you all know.

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