LG’s Android Pie update roadmap includes the G7 for Q1 2019

LG’s Android Pie update roadmap includes the G7 for Q1 2019

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Even the fiercest LG brand loyalists can’t deny that software updates are not the company’s forte. We’ve watched as the company has struggled to deliver major Android software updates (outside of Korea) for many of their devices in a timely manner. LG’s UX software is heavily customized Android, which doesn’t help in rolling out updates quickly to any device. So far, the only LG phone to receive an official stable update based on Android Pie is the G7 One which is an Android One device (thus it doesn’t run LG UX). The LG G7 ThinQ has received Android Pie betas in select markets, though. If you’re looking forward to running Android Pie on your G7 ThinQ, then you’re in luck as LG has officially released their Q1 2019 update roadmap.

If you have an LG G7 ThinQ, then your device is expected to receive an official update to Android Pie in the first quarter of 2019 (most likely starting in Korea). The bad news? If you don’t have an LG G7 ThinQ, then you’re in for a long wait if you’re expecting a platform update. Both the LG V40 ThinQ and last year’s LG G6 are expected to get minor bug fixing updates within this timeframe, but Android Pie will have to wait.

This is not to say that neither device will receive the update (although it wouldn’t be surprising). LG could totally be planning on rolling it out during the second or third quarters of 2019. It sucks, but then again, LG hasn’t always been the best in terms of software updates. Considering that Android Q developer previews are expected to be released by the end of Q1 2019/beginning of Q2 2019, a flagship phone receiving an update this late is odd, to say the least.

There’s no word on Q1 2019 updates for any other LG device, and other flagship devices like the LG V30 are not mentioned in this roadmap. So it would be wise to not get your hopes up for an update in the near future.

Source: LG (Korean)