LG is offering Apple TV+ trials to eligible users later this month

LG is offering Apple TV+ trials to eligible users later this month

Apple has been slowly expanding its TV+ service support across platforms and devices. When the subscription service first launched, it was limited to Apple devices and very few other platforms, such as the web. Since then it has landed on smart TVs from different manufacturers, including Samsung and LG. In hopes of boosting smart TV sales, LG will be offering free Apple TV+ trials to eligible users later this month.

In a newsroom post, LG announced that users who have bought a 2016-2021 4K or 8K LG Smart TV will be able to redeem a three-month Apple TV+ trial. The deal is available starting November 15 and will last until February 13, 2022. Eligible users will be able to claim their free goods from the Apple TV+ advertisement on the TV’s home menu. Alternatively, users can redeem it by navigating to LG Content Store and following the simple instructions provided.


The offer is available in over eighty countries, where TV+ is available. However, only new subscribers are eligible to claim it. So if you’ve already tried or signed up to Apple’s service, you’re out of luck. It’s worth noting that once the three-month free trial ends, the subscription will auto-renew and charge you based on your Apple ID’s region. So make sure to set a reminder to cancel a few days beforehand, if you don’t plan on paying Apple.

What’s TV+?

Apple TV+ is the first original-only streaming service with a catalog that is steadily growing. As a result, all TV+ shows and movies are available where the service is, with no regional catalog restrictions — similar to those of Netflix. It launched two years ago and had a somewhat rough start, but it’s slowly populating its virtual shelves. It might become a serious competitor against rivals down the road.

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