LG is backtracking on their bootloop lawsuit settlement

LG is backtracking on their bootloop lawsuit settlement

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It’s hard to bring up LG without hearing something about bootloops. To a lot of people. that’s all LG is known for. Earlier this year, LG settled a class-action lawsuit related to many devices having bootloop issues. The list of affected devices included the LG V20, LG G5, LG V10, Nexus 5X, and LG G4. The settlement said that anyone who was affected by the issues could be entitled to a $700 rebate for a new LG device or $425, for each qualifying device. LG could be backtracking on that last part.

According to anonymous sources, LG is now only offering a rebate or cash for one affected device. They’re offering warranty service for any other devices. What makes the situation even worse is LG is giving users one business day to file a claim. This is a pretty big deal for anyone involved in this situation. A lot of people received newer LG replacement phones or bought other models after having bootloop issues. They then experienced the same issues, which should qualify for more settlement.

The email that was sent to an anonymous source says very bluntly that LG will no longer reimburse the user “for each phone – as we initially demanded.” The email was received on the 15th and it says in bold type “your failure to sign and submit the revised Release by March 19, 2018, will constitute a rejection of this settlement offer.” That leaves just one business day to fill it out.

The email goes on to say LG is within its rights to settle your claims in this manner and will not agree to settle your claims on any other terms.” How can that be true? LG previously agreed to a settlement with very specific requirements. Now they just decide they don’t have to follow them? LG seems to be digging themselves a deeper hole.

Source: Android Authority