XDA LG Development Challenge Winners

XDA LG Development Challenge Winners

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Almost 3 months ago, we set out with LG to find two amazing apps that developers could put together using LG’s QPair SDK. That contest came to a close last Friday, and while there were some really great entries that took the QPair SDK and stretched it to its limits, the two winners for the Grand Prize have been selected as explained in the Contest Rules.

The XDA LG Developer Challenge was a 8-week competition, and each person had the opportunity to pitch their proposal for the best app and bring it to life with a LG device of their own. Of the 10 proposals that we selected for the second phase, the developers of the best two apps have been selected and they will both receive a LG G Watch R to to further their development opportunities!

There were a lot of really great entries to the second phase of the competition, and all of them deserve a quick download! Check out the complete list of apps and watch faces that were made during the competition.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the XDA LG Developer Challenge (in no particular order):

We and LG thank each and every one of the entrants, and hope that they will continue to be involved and create new and exciting applications with the LG QPair SDK and for Android devices in general.