LG eXpo Gets its First Custom ROM

LG eXpo Gets its First Custom ROM

For all those people with LG eXpo devices, you can all stop hitting F5 to refresh the browser. The wait is over thanks to xda member Dark9781, who has just released the first ever custom rom for the LG eXpo. Named Dragonstorm 23563, this is based on one of the newest available builds for WM (23563) and it is packed with very interesting features (and stripped of otherwise useless ones). This is a very big step in the right direction for eXpo owners and we expect to see more chefs to follow Dark9781‘s lead.

First of all, this rom couldn’t have been made without a few people I would like to mention.
::Kitchen: Spocky
::Tools: MisterJp, CopsFrance, Teoami, Bepe, Ervius, No2Chem, Da_G, WoZZer
::Files: Da_G and joojoobee666
::Tweaks: Provided by WMX, Spocky, WarRaven, Woodhole, and others
Thanks to them. Forgive me if I forgot somebody.
Also I would like to thank the entire eXpo/IQ community for all their support.

Note 1: There were issues between the kitchen and the IQ rom so I was only able to create an eXpo rom. However, IQ users can use the eXpo rom. Just download and run the Dragonstorm – 23599 – IQ flasher.
ATTENTION: Issue between the kitchen and the IQ rom has been resolved.
Note 2: If your not sure how to flash your phone go to the following link for a tutorial:
Note 3: Please don’t ask for the kitchen. Spocky has not released it yet and it will not be available until he does.

You can follow the rom’s development in the original thread.

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