LG to Announce a Next Gen LG G Flex Later This Year

LG to Announce a Next Gen LG G Flex Later This Year

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While most devices look pretty much the same, the curvaceous LG G Flex can surely be considered to be one of the most interesting phones ever released. The OEM behind the last two Nexus phones wanted to conquer the Android world and set a new trend with the Flex, but its high price and large size were barriers that regular users weren’t able to stomach.

Now it appears that the force stubbornness is strong with LG, as the company will be announcing a second generation of LG G Flex later this year. Such information comes from an anonymous high-profile executive over at LG India. According to the source, the forthcoming G Flex 2 will be smaller compared than its predecessor. The exact screen size still remains a mystery. The new smaller device should be released with a display “Better than Full HD.” Perhaps another Quad HD phone will hit the market?

The first-gen LG G Flex wasn’t too popular among XDA’s users. Owners of this phone haven’t yet had a chance to taste stable source-built Android builds that we’ve seen on most other devices. This is mainly due to the device’s low consumer interest due to its relatively high price. Hopefully LG will not make the same mistake again and will sell its new toy cheaper than the initial ~$700. We will let you know as soon as some details will start to pop up.

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