LG G Pro Lite Unsecured Boot Image and CWM Recovery

LG G Pro Lite Unsecured Boot Image and CWM Recovery

The LG G Pro Lite D680 is a budget phone that was released in 2013 alongside the LG Optimus G Pro, LG’s 2013 flagship device.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t received much development attention so far… but XDA Recognized Developer laufersteppenwolf has now released an unsecured boot.img along with a CWM recovery. This is despite the bootloader being locked (which means there’s no need for you to void your warranty!), and marks the first step towards custom ROM and kernel development for the device.

An unsecured boot.img allows you to run ADB as root, be able to use ADB on early boot and more, which is extremely handy when developing for getting logs, general debugging and quickly modifying system files.


The CWM recovery is installed to its own partition and not bootstrapped, and is usable despite a minor bug:

  • The internal SD can’t be mounted yet. That being said, you can either use an external SD card or a second partition (sd-ext, which is usually used to keep apps on) instead.

Interested? All you need is a rooted device running the V10 firmware, ADB set up and ready to use on your computer and some patience. Head over to the unsecured boot.img for V10 forum thread and CWM recovery for locked JB bootloader forum thread to get started.

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