LG G3 Oversharpening Fix Just Got Simpler with Aroma Script

LG G3 Oversharpening Fix Just Got Simpler with Aroma Script

A couple of days ago, we reported on a much needed and welcomed fix to the oversharpening issue LG G3 owners have been reporting about their screens. The issue seems to have manifested from the high resolution quad HD display of the device, which on the software side, has a noticeable sharpening effect (much like in software like Photoshop). This, just until recently, could not be removed.

This improved fix comes from the same creator of the originally reported fix, XDA Recognized Developer Skin1980, who explains that the original fix consisted of kernels built from source. This means that they weren’t as good as stock kernels, as evidenced by the issue of a long boot time. Hence, Skin1980 has come up with an AROMA script which seeks to solve iron out any issues the first fix may have had. All you have to do is flash the provided ZIP package through a custom recovery, choose how much sharpening you want on your screen, and reboot. Make sure however, to make a backup of your boot partition just in case something goes wrong.

This improved fix may also be compatible with all kernels, including AOSP, but this hasn’t been tested yet, so Skin1980 does welcome any feedback.

If you’re getting a bit sick of the oversharpening issue, head over to the G3 improved oversharpening fix thread to get started.

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