LG G3 Receives Oversharpening Fix via Modified Kernel

LG G3 Receives Oversharpening Fix via Modified Kernel

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Nothing is perfect, as they say. No matter how alluring or seemingly perfect, everything has some or the other flaw. When the flagship LG G3 was released earlier this year, it outdid all the company’s previous attempts at far. Cutting edge hardware, narrow bezels, appealing design were expected, but the Quad HD screen made the phone stand out among it’s competitors. Sure, it did take it’s toll on the battery, but that was an arguable sacrifice for the crisp, high resolution display the device packed.

Ultimately, it was this strength that turned out to be the chink in the G3’s armor. Besides the battery consumption, apps on the device that weren’t built for the high resolution display showed signs of oversharpening, ruining the visual experience which was quite contrary to the desired outcome.

Luckily no problem is insurmountable, and sure enough, a fix has been found. XDA Recognized Developer Skin1980 has modified the stock LG kernel and made various tweaks that do away with the unwanted sharpening, providing a natural contrast to the display. The kernel has to be flashed via recovery, and is avialble for multiple variants of the G3.

Head on over to the G3 Oversharpening Fix thread to get started with improving the visual experience on your LG G3.