LG G3 Set to Receive a Marshmallow Update in December

LG G3 Set to Receive a Marshmallow Update in December

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Poland is once again a country where a new Android revision for a popular phone will appear. According to reports, LG will release an Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for its LG G3 2014 flagship in just four weeks.

Marshmallow updates are rolling out for many devices of major Android OEMs. We know that HTC and Samsung are trying to deliver the update as fast as possible. It’s quite common to see Poland as a country where the update is actually deployed first. Samsung and LG have some sort of tradition where they release updates in Europe first, and often in Poland. The first LG device that got a Marshmallow update was LG G4, and its predecessor, the LG G3, will use a very similar graphical style. An update is scheduled to roll-out on mid December (16-18 December to be precise). According to the source, the software is far from being perfectly fast and fluid, but LG has one month to iron out the remaining bugs and work on performance. We hope that such a mobile giant will prepare the update really well… or they’ll face the same backlash they saw from previous mistakes.

According to Jarosław Bukowski from LG Poland, an update is at its final testing stage and will surely improve before the deadline.

Translation: @Dritone, did I write something like this? The other thing is that I never actually hide the fact that the update is prepared. I’m flashing it as we speak!

Stay tuned as it’s very likely that XDA users from Poland will capture the OTA link and share it on the forums. A Marshmallow update for the LG G3 is a nice gift for the upcoming Christmas!

Is your device set up to receive an Android 6.0 update? Are you are a die hard fan of custom ROMs? Let us know in the comments section below!