Damp the LG G3 Thermal Throttling

Damp the LG G3 Thermal Throttling

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As our mobile devices grow thinner and more powerful with each passing generation, it’s inevitable that we start to run into their thermal limits more frequently. Although past devices were slow and thick enough to run full tilt practically indefinitely, this is no longer possible on today’s devices like the LG G3, which are really meant to only run at full speed for small packets of time. And while shrinking die processes have helped cooling considerably, this still can’t really keep up with our high power mobile SoCs in demanding circumstances such as gaming.

Luckily, ever since the now archaic Pentium 4, mainstream processors have employed increasingly intricate methods of thermal throttling to make sure that the rising CPU temperatures don’t damage our hardware. But while continual load and higher temperatures won’t damage our hardware quite as readily as before, this does nothing to prevent the damage to our user experience when throttling takes place.

XDA Senior Member Robshr decided to take a stab at the throttling issue on the LG G3, and he came up with a flashable zip that tweaks the throttling algorithm so it doesn’t bump down your clockspeed so aggressively. The first three throttling bumps have had their temperature points and clockspeeds raised, allowing for the device to essentially tolerate a higher working temperature level. However, the remaining four throttling bumps have been left at their stock positions in order to minimize possible device risk.

So how does this work in practice? So far, the results have been promising, with many users reporting improved performance in intensive tasks. Naturally, however, performing such a modification is risky. And even though leaving the four last bumps in their stock positions helps with device safety, it is unclear how prolonged mildly elevated temperatures will affect your device. That said, it’s also highly likely that you will have already gone through several generations of new devices before any problems even arise.

If you understand the risks explained above and want to take a stab at the LG G3 throttling issue on your own device, head over to the LG G3 thermal throttling mod thread.