LG G4 Note Leaks

LG G4 Note Leaks

T-Mobile employee and XDA user s3rv1cet3ch has leaked images that he claims are of the upcoming LG G4 Note, LG’s answer to the Samsung Note series and ‘big brother’ to the G4.  LG CEO Cho has been quoted as saying at a press meeting that the company would unveil the next flagship smartphone, G4, in the second quarter, and another high-end product in the second half. With the second quarter now just days away we could finally have a few hints of what to expect. If the photographs are indeed of the G4 Note they confirm several rumors we have been seeing and can now confirm, they show a sleek metal body, a stylus and that the device is running Android 5.0.2.

Rumors have been surfacing recently stating that LG will be using aluminium bodies in future iterations of their devices, in a strategic move focused on competing against rivals such as Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi. Other rumors that the device will feature a stylus that appeared following LG filing for a ‘LG G Pen’ back in December have also been confirmed here. Whilst it is hard to tell from the images, the apparent 5.3 inch screen does seem to match up here. However the almost non-existent bezels that were expected clearly were not implemented. It is almost impossible to tell from the images as to whether or not the device has a slight curved display.















Keep checking back here for more news as it develops.

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