LG G4 Website Leaked, First Look at Design & Camera Info

LG G4 Website Leaked, First Look at Design & Camera Info

This weekend we had what could be one of the biggest leaks a manufacturer has had to go through in a while: a promotional website of the LG G4 got leaked and displayed pictures, information on features, and a lot of details about the design and camera. If you are here for specifications, however, you might as well stop reading, for the internal specs listed in the site are placeholders from the LG G3. That being said, the development seems as legit as it gets, and gives us quite a few juicy bits for LG fans to gobble on.

Evan Blass (@evlekas) was seemingly one of the first to catch the leak and his tweet set enthusiasts ablaze with expectations. The site has been taken down since, but the contents in it looked extremely professional, from the renders to the design. I can vouch for this as I noticed the distribution and flow of the site looked very much like a promotional website for a big-name flagship phone. Not only does the design match what is shown in the G4 teaser page, but the teaser’s source code was reported to contain the URL of the leaked website, and this is how it is assumed the address was obtained in the first place. So it looks that this was, indeed, the proper G4 we are bound to receive.



Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.23.06 AMThe design of the G4 sports a curved arc that the website claims is meant to fit in your hand, and the back comes with two types of backing: a plasticy diamond pattern and a genuine leather back. The leather back has a stitching in the middle, which gives the device a very unconventional (and somewhat esoteric) look. The button layout iterates over the G3’s design (which trumped the initial G2 implementation), and the camera module has a ring accent that stands out, as it’s not something typically seen in today’s flagships.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.23.56 AMThe back is replaceable once more, revealing a removable battery (of 3000 mAh by the looks of it) and a listed micro SD card slot – great news for many power users. The front of the device has an interesting texture on the bezels that looks to be under the glass, and it once again takes LG away from the “black slab” look that many loved in the Nexus 5. The speaker grill is, sadly, at the back. The device allegedly supports wireless charging, and pictures of a stand or kit can be found in the site.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.27.24 AMThe device sports the same 5.5 inch display size, and with 1440p resolution once more. The dimensions are 75.3 mm in width, 149.1 mm in height and 8.9 mm in thickness. The thickness remains the same as last year’s G3, but lovers of the G3’s slim bezels will be disappointed to know that the width and height of the G4 are listed to be longer than last years. With the same screen size, one can deduct that the bezels grew fatter again, and this is somewhat seen in the pictures where the bottom bezel in particular looks rather large.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.25.24 AMCustomization lovers might find plenty to choose from in LG’s new offering, as there are many colors to choose from with the G4. The new website had a color picking sub-site and it showed 6 colors for the leather backing: Brown,  Black, Red, Skyblue, Yellow and Beige. The diamond-pattern backs show ceramic white, metallic grey and shiny gold color options, which is a much more traditional approach. This could be one of the most colorful phones this year outside of Motorola’s Motomaker, but many other manufacturers such as Samsung and Asus have been trying to focus on offering many colors as of late, and the trend seems to be paying off.


The display remains a 5.5 inch QHD IPS LCD, now with their Quantum Display Technology for better brightness, more vivid colors and better power consumption. There’s not much else we learned from the leak, sadly, but so far it looks promising.


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.30.26 AMThere were a lot of pictures and information about the G4’s camera in the leaked website, including a look at the camera controls and UI. These are more advanced than before, and as the previous video emphasized, they allow for greater freedom and control over pictures. It allows you to tweak things like the ISO and the White Balance, for example, and the interface is uncluttered yet with all the right elements on board.

There’s also a blurb about a color spectrum sensor that allegedly helps provide more color-accurate pictures. The site explains that it achieves this by using an infrared sensor that analyzes and measures colors in a scene and the phone then processes the image to match the picture to the gathered data. The sensor looks to be paired up with the flash. This might sound unconventional, but considering the success of LG’s laser-focus technology in the G3, these are welcome additions. The website also touts “the fastest auto-focus”, but that remains to be seen.

Subjective Thoughts

Some of the color offerings displayed look amazing, particularly the red leather one. It’s a little too rogue-rouge, but the gold and dark red combination is quite a pleasant looker, albeit a little too flashy. The diamond pattern is rather odd-looking, and the front’s pattern also manages to look a little cheap. That being said, the shape and arc seem to be revamped for a more comfortable feel. In a world where manufacturers compromise battery size and heat efficiency for slimmer profiles, LG’s daring conservative approach feels (ironically) more progressive. It is a shame to see that the rest of the dimensions grew, however, as the LG G2 and G3 had big appeal due to their slim bezels.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.32.57 AMAs far as the camera goes, LG has tough competition as the S6 proved to have one of the best camera experiences out there. However, their track-record is solid and with the previously leaked 16MP sensor coupled with their software and hardware technology, they could have something hot in their hands. The emphasis on color accuracy is a welcome one for both pictures and display, particularly since LG got a lot of flak for their saturated screens. It would have been nice to see an increase in screen size to match up the extended dimensions, but I guess you can’t have the cake and eat it too.

The previously revealed UI is not one I am personally fond of, but the included features seem nice and the emphasis on “smarter smartphones”, if done right, could rekindle the magic that the Moto X brought in that drought of innovation it was released in. The internals still mostly remain a mystery, especially the processor as it is unlikely they would want to go with a Snapdragon 810 again. Whether they’ll use that, the 808 or something else remains a mystery, and we don’t know if the outcome will be too great. Nonetheless, we are excited to see what will come out of the April 28th announcement, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on every meaningful detail that springs out of that.

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