LG G5 Launches On March 31, Pricing Is Known!

LG G5 Launches On March 31, Pricing Is Known!

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We all know that LG is no longer an underdog on the mobile market. Devices from this Korean OEM are often very powerful, beautiful, innovative and well supported, hence there is a bigger chance today that you have a phone with an LG logo in your pocket.

Same applies to the latest war horse released by LG (minus the pocket part). The LG G5 in no longer a mystery, as it was announced on MWC in Barcelona but in less than two weeks users will have a chance to add it to their device portfolio.

In the last few weeks, we’ve talked about the LG G5 a lot, with overviews describing the hardware and software of the handset, and an exploration of its modularity. The only thing that needed to be unveiled was a global sale date. Today we can scratch off this unknown from  the list, as the G5’s sale will start on March 31 in South Korea.lg-g5-best-buy-leak-840x472

There is a leak on Reddit from which we learn that pre-order will start today for AT&T and Sprint and from March 24 on Verizon. The device should be available starting on April 1st, users in Canada will have to wait a week longer. Best Buy’s insider revealed some details regarding pricing in North America: An unlocked LG G5 should cost $799.99, which is more than we are used to from LG. UPDATE: T-mobile has announced their price to be $26.25 per month for 23 months ($630 total price). They now compete Samsung even at pricing, as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge costs roughly the same. With 2-year activation on Sprint or Verizon, the LG G5 should be available for $99.99. We’re taking these reveals with a grain of salt though as they’re not official and prices might vary throughout markets. To attract more users, both LG and Best Buy are looking to throw an extra battery, an external charging dock and a free USB Type C adapter to make your older chargers work with the new phone.

The aforementioned set of gadgets is prepared for the users in the United States. Depending on the region of the world, the LG G5 will be bundled with either a CAM Plus camera module or an extra battery and the dock. There will be also a 38% discount for the Hi-Fi Plus audio model, but the pricing is yet to be known, but estimates suggest they will go for $85 to $160.

Are you going to get yourself a brand new LG G5? Let us know in the comments!