LG Joins Amazon’s Expanded Lineup of Prime Exclusive Phones (LG G6 for $400)

LG Joins Amazon’s Expanded Lineup of Prime Exclusive Phones (LG G6 for $400)

Amazon has been working to expand the number of Android devices available to its Prime Exclusive Phones program lately. We recently covered the Moto X4 being added to the list of available devices and now LG has announced they’re adding four of their own devices to the program. Starting today, you can pre-order the LG G6+, LG G6, LG Q6 and the LG X Charge from Amazon for a discounted price if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

The Amazon Prime Exclusive Phone program is rather unique in that you can get a great deal on a new Android smartphone by dealing with some ads from Amazon on the lock screen. So far, the program has included devices from Alcatel, Motorola, Nokia, and now LG. The discount you get will depend on which device you’re purchasing though. For example, you can get $50 off the retail price of the Nokia 6 (from $230 to $180), but you can get a whopping $300 off the retail price of the LG G6+ (from $800 down to $500).

LG recently published their Q3 2017 financial report with the company’s mobile division losing over $330 million for the quarter. They had previously confirmed that the LG G6 wasn’t selling as well as they had liked so it makes sense that they are looking for more opportunities to sell the device. LG flagship smartphones have a history of going on sale rather quickly compared to other OEMs, so Amazon’s Prime Exclusive Phones program seems like a good fit for them.

As mentioned, LG has added 4 of their latest smartphones to the program including the LG G6+, LG G6, LG Q6 and the LG X Charge. The LG G6+ retails for $800 but you can get it for only $500 under this new program. Other discounts include the LG G6 being priced at $400 (down from $638), the LG Q6 is $230 (down from $300) and the LG X Charge is at $150 (from $200). Again, they all come with “lockscreen offers and ads” but we’ve shown that these can be disabled on some devices.

Source: Business Wire

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