LG G6 is Likely to be Launched on March 11th

LG G6 is Likely to be Launched on March 11th

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LG’s mobile division did not have a good year in 2016. In fact, LG has not had a good year in the mobile market in a long time. At one point it felt like LG could do no wrong, though, especially with the success of the LG G2, and them being hired by Google for the manufacturing of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

Since then the South Korean giant has seen its prospects go downhill. LG recently appointed a new CEO and they hope to get their mobile division back on track this year.

Many would argue that the LG V20 is the best smartphone the company has ever produced, but even that one failed to pull the division out of the red. With issues being reported about inconsistent customer service support, and the dreaded bootloop that keeps casting its shadow over LG products, some are just avoiding the company’s smartphones until they get their act together. With the new CEO at the helm, 2017 could be LG’s chance to turn the company around.

They recently announced a number of low-end to mid-range smartphone at CES, and these will be released in various markets around the world. The company’s first try at a global smartphone launch for the year will be the LG G6. We’ve been seeing reports that LG will try to get a jump on Samsung and launch the LG G6 a month before the Galaxy S8 is available to the public.

The report claims the LG G6 will be shown off at MWC (which starts on February 26th), and that LG is hoping to launch the phone just a couple of weeks later. If true, we could see the LG G6 officially launched on March 11th. The Galaxy S8 is rumored to be launched sometime in the middle of April, so getting in stores a full month before Samsung could allow LG sell a number of devices that they would miss out on if they launched at the same time.

Do you think LG can turn things around with the LG G6, or will 2017 be as bad for their mobile division as 2016 was?

Source: The Investor