LG G6 Picture Leaks Before February 26th Launch

LG G6 Picture Leaks Before February 26th Launch

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The Verge has reportedly obtained photos of LG’s upcoming and highly anticipated flagship, the LG G6. Following a spate of recent leaks about the device, as well as confirmation from LG executives that the G6 would feature an 18:9 1440p LCD Panel, we now may have the first official render of the device.

If the render is indeed official, it would appear that LG has taken a sharp turn away from the design missteps that haunted the G5. The device appears to feature an aluminum frame and beveled edges, as well as a display that may sport minimal bezels. In the fashion of Xiaomi’s Mi Mix and its Sharp-manufactured display, the G6 may also include a display with the Mix’s eye-catching rounded corners and impressive screen-to-body ratio.

Given LG’s numerous missteps in the mobile realm and its general inability to produce a profit, the G6 marks an important step for the future of the company’s mobile business. With The Verge also reporting that it will now be released on February 26th, rather than March 11th, we wont have to wait long to find out where LG has taken their G-series. Moreover, the early release date could put this device at an advantage against its yearly South Korean competitor, as the Galaxy S8 is reportedly launching at a later date than usual.

Source: The Verge