LG is rebranding the LG G6 as the LG G6 ThinQ, for some reason

LG is rebranding the LG G6 as the LG G6 ThinQ, for some reason

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At Mobile World Congress 2018, LG announced a rather underwhelming revision of the LG V30, dubbed the LG V30S ThinQ. To call it a revision would be a stretch, actually. Internally, it was the same phone as the LG V30 with only minor differences. The greatest difference? The “ThinQ” moniker, which brought LG’s set of AI features to the camera app and more. Then the LG G7 was announced with the same weird moniker attached to the phone’s branding. As it’s to be expected, the naming has been slammed by many. It sounds weird, looks weird, and it overcomplicated the phone’s branding.

As they roll out their artificial intelligence to their earlier phones, LG is apparently trying to attach “ThinQ” to their branding as well, despite the criticism. This is shown in LG’s official stores, where they’re now selling what they call the “LG G6 ThinQ.” Now, before you go and look it up, this is the same flagship device that was launched over a year ago – the same specification sheet, the same Snapdragon 821 system-on-chip, the same storage/RAM setups, and the same 18:9 LCD display. LG is now simply throwing the branding on last year’s flagship (as shown in LG’s English product page for the device in Canada) without adding any noticeable improvements.

LG G6 ThinQ

This could be done for many reasons actually. Since both the V30S ThinQ and the G7 ThinQ have the branding, they don’t want to miss out on potential buyers for the older option. Or they simply want to remind potential buyers that the LG G6 is now coming with their AI features out of the box since it’ll be coming with newer software. LG already added the ThinQ features and branding to the original V30. Either way, we don’t know the reasoning behind the naming change, but given that they’ve been under fire for that same moniker, we see it as simply change for the sake of change.

Via: GSMArena Source: LG