LG G7 may have dedicated AI button, sport ThinQ branding, might launch this month

LG G7 may have dedicated AI button, sport ThinQ branding, might launch this month

The rumor mill has been all over the place when it comes to the LG G7. In January, a report stated that LG Electronics’ chief had ordered the development of the G7 to be started from scratch. More recently, rumors have stated the phone could launch in May or June. Leaked photos revealed a device with a 6-inch display and notch. Other rumors have also made references to the G7 Plus.

Most recently, we saw a report that LG would stick with LCD for the LG G7 to cut costs. Now, ETNews states that LG is planning to release the G7 in South Korea at the end of April, with pre-orders beginning a week later. The phone will be available in mid-May after 7-8 days of reservation. The company has apparently confirmed to mobile network operators that it plans to launch the G7. For reference, the LG G4 was launched in April 2015, while the G5 and G6 were launched at MWC 2016 and MWC 2017 respectively.


The LG G7 is said to be the first phone with an M-LCD+ panel. The display adds a white pixel (W) to existing RGB (red, green, and blue) pixels. It’s said to consume about 35 percent less power than a typical LCD, and the white pixels lead to higher overall brightness. The reason why LG has turned to M-LCD+ is to reduce fixed costs, improve yield, and guarantee OLED level efficiency. Also, the decision to go with LCD instead of OLED will lead to “reasonable prices [being offered] to consumers,” according to the report.

The phone is said to have a dedicated AI button, which sounds similar to the Bixby key on the Galaxy S8/Note 8/Galaxy S9. The company put a lot of emphasis in its AI features in the LG V30S ThinQ, which was launched at MWC. The dedicated AI button on the G7 will let the user use AI features such as Q Lens, Q Voice, and Google Assistant.

The G7 will also have improved cameras. The primary rear camera has a f/1.5 aperture for improved low-light performance, which matches the aperture of the Galaxy S9 (the G7 won’t have a dual aperture, though). The phone will also have a notched display and it will use its front camera for facial recognition. A software feature will allow the user to “eliminate” (hide) the notch design. 3D facial scanning sensors are not present on the phone. Other specifications include 6GB of RAM paired with either 64GB (G7) or 128GB (G7 Plus) of storage. It’s powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 system-on-chip.

An LG Electronics official told ETNews that the company would distribute invitations to the media once the schedule for next-generation smartphones is confirmed.

Finally, the LG G7 will be known as the LG G7 ThinQ, according to a tweet from Evan Blass. This would match the branding of the LG V30S ThinQ and the updated branding on the original V30 after the Oreo update.

Source: ETNews

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