LG G7 ThinQ finally gets an Android Pie beta, but only in Korea

LG G7 ThinQ finally gets an Android Pie beta, but only in Korea

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Android Pie was officially released in August and it seems as if more devices are being updated to the latest version of Android than ever before. Google has been working closely with OEMs to get the new update on their latest devices. While the LG G7 ThinQ isn’t the company’s latest flagship smartphone (although the LG V40 ThinQ doesn’t have a stable version of Pie yet either), LG has finally started beta testing the LG G7 ThinQ with Android Pie. Sadly, this is only happening over in South Korea right now.

This is a rather interesting spot for LG Mobile right now and it is really indicative of how the division is being run right now. When Google began beta testing Android 9 Pie with their developer previews, other companies including Essential and Nokia were pushing out updates shortly after Google. Sure, there were a lot of bugs in some of these updates, but it showed the commitment that they were putting toward the software of the hardware they were currently selling to customers. It makes big companies like LG look bad when less profitable companies like HMD Global and Essential are beating them to the punch.

I will give LG credit here though as they are increasing their software phases. The LG G6 didn’t begin its beta test of Android Oreo until the very, very end of December. As mentioned, this Android Pie beta test is only available to those in South Korea and they can sign up to preview the new update by using the device’s Quick Help app. In there, the user will find an LG OS Preview banner that they can tap on that will walk them through the process.

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