LG G7 ThinQ will have a dedicated Google Assistant button

LG G7 ThinQ will have a dedicated Google Assistant button

The LG G7 ThinQ will launch on May 2nd. At this point, most of the major specifications of the device have been leaked, including the fact that it will have a M+ LCD panel with a display notch, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 system-on-chip, 16MP + 16MP rear cameras, and AI features. Previously, a report stated that the phone will have a dedicated AI button.

Now, CNET states that the LG G7 will sport a dedicated hardware button specifically for Google Assistant. The Google Assistant button will be on the left side of the phone, and the power button will be on the right. The fingerprint sensor will be placed on the back of the device.

The G7 ThinQ will be the first smartphone to have dedicated Google Assistant button. The Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S9+ have dedicated physical buttons specifically for Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant. Samsung does not officially allow users to remap the physical button, but users can opt to disable it entirely.

CNET adds that the easy access to Google Assistant is part of a broader push by LG to sell AI as a bigger differentiating factor. The company has already made AI a key focus of its products, as it has included AI features in the LG V30S ThinQ. The LG V30’s Android Oreo update also contains the ThinQ branding and the AI features.

The report also states that there will be unique custom LG commands that users can ask Google Assistant. However, users won’t be able to remap the button to call another app, which is sure to disappoint enthusiasts. The Bixby button on Samsung’s flagship devices behaves in the same manner.

The Google Assistant was launched in 2016 as the successor to Google Now. It’s found in many products, including the Google Home lineup of smart speakers. Google’s arch rival in this field is Amazon’s Alexa, which has also been integrated with some phones. Google Assistant and Alexa dominate the virtual assistant market.

It remains to be seen how LG’s decision to include a dedicated Google Assistant button on the G7 ThinQ is received by users. If the button can’t be remapped, it will definitely be a disappointment as many users would have found use for the button as a shortcut key for launching the camera, or triggering other tasks.

Source: CNET

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