LG G8 may launch in March separately from a new 5G phone

LG G8 may launch in March separately from a new 5G phone

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5G is gearing up to be the big buzzword of 2019. Several manufacturers and carriers are already showing their interest in this budding technology. Many see it as the best way to profit off of the users who need reliable wireless speeds everywhere they go. Earlier this month, we saw reports about 5G smartphones from Samsung and LG. According to the source, these two companies are going to debut their 5G-capable smartphones at Mobile World Congress in February. LG’s 5G smartphone was believed to be the next iteration of the G series, namely the LG G8. But, new reports claim this is not the case.

According to the Korean electronic newspaper etnews, LG’s 5G smartphone will be a part of a completely different series of devices. It will launch at MWC in February, but it will not carry the LG G8 branding. The G8 will most likely launch later in March of 2019 and it will only have 4G/LTE capabilities. LG has not yet officially confirmed the schedule of the release of smartphones, but a senior official has noted that they are discussing a new brand name for 5G smartphones. In January, LG will also launch the LG Q9, which will be equipped with mid-range Snapdragon 660, 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, and fairly decent 3,000mAh battery.

This approach of smartphone classification gives LG an ability to focus on both the 4G and 5G markets. As you’d imagine, 5G smartphone prices will be astronomical at launch, even for the already expensive smartphone market. High prices can very well prevent the adoption of the newest technology. That’s why it’s so important to not completely shift focus from the good old 4G. Developing smartphones for both of the technologies will give users more choice for their next smartphone.

Source: etnews