LG Android 11 roadmap reveals when your phone is getting the update

LG Android 11 roadmap reveals when your phone is getting the update

LG has rolled out Android 11 to some of its biggest devices, including the Velvet and V60. Now, the company has posted an updated roadmap that reveals when other phones in its lineup will be updated to the latest version of Google’s mobile software.

According to LG Germany (via PiunikaWeb), users in the region can anticipate Android 11 to arrive on a handful of devices throughout the year. Below is the full list of phones expected to get Android 11 this year.

  • LG Velvet 5G: April 2021
  • LG G8X: Q2 2021
  • LG Velvet 4G: Q3 2021
  • LG G8S: Q3 2021
  • LG Wing: Q4 2021
  • LG K52: Q4 2021
  • LG K42: Q4 2021

While the Android 11 update has arrived for the LG Velvet in Korea, it isn’t available everywhere. LG Germany’s roadmap reveals the software will hit devices in that region in a few weeks.


Unfortunately, not every LG phone is getting Android 11 so soon. The LG Velvet with LTE isn’t being updated until Q3 2021, while some phones, including the LG K52 and K42, won’t be updated until the end of the year, or around the time Android 12 is being let loose.

This information appears to be only for LG owners in Germany, so there’s a chance you could get Android 11 on your phone much quicker. As we said, the update has already rolled out to the LG Velvet in Korea, so it just depends on where you’re located and if you purchased your phone from a carrier.

Android 11 was released in September 2020, so hearing some devices won’t be updated until a year later (or more) is disappointing. But at least there’s a roadmap.

Compared to Samsung, which continues to roll out updates to its massive library of devices, LG isn’t as quick on the draw. Many Android phones on the market are similar in specs, design, and quality. But if they’re not updated at the same pace, a gap starts to grow, which hurts the consumer.

Featured image: the LG Wing

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