LG Brings Google Assistant Support to Nearly 90 of Their Appliances

LG Brings Google Assistant Support to Nearly 90 of Their Appliances

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Google may have been late to the embedded virtual assistant market but since they released the Google Assistant SDK we’ve started to see a number of OEMs start to use it. It’s allow for companies to create their own connected speaker while adding more competition and options for customers. It has also enabled some to add connected features to an assortment of smart home devices. This is what we’re seeing today with an announcement from LG which brings Google Assistant support to almost 90 of their smart appliance products.

While LG’s mobile division has been losing hundreds of millions of dollars year lately, other parts like their appliances and TV division has been able to keep the company in the black. In fact, the company’s board was so happy with how well the LG appliance division had been doing, that they appointed the person in charge as the CEO of the entire company. Since then, we’ve seen the company take a completely new direction with its products.

LG has been working to make their appliances smarter as of late and this addition of Google Assistant allows them to take it to the next level. The company has used its SmartThinQ application to control almost 90 of their appliances so far but this new update will allow them to work hands-free. So it doesn’t matter if you’re using Google Assistant on your smartphone, or a connected speaker such as Google Home, you can issue simple voice commands to have your appliances work for you.

LG has even announced a new feature for their appliances called Adaptive Learning. The goal here is to monitor how you use your appliances and then attempt to predict what you need before you even initiate something. The company says they’ll use this data to do things such as “alert owners to order filter refills for the refrigerator or air purifier and it can troubleshoot lint build-up in the dryer.”

Source: LG Newsroom