LG is Sending Out Press Invites for IFA 2017, Teasing the LG V30

LG is Sending Out Press Invites for IFA 2017, Teasing the LG V30

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We’ve been hearing about the LG V30 for a few months now and it looks like we’re just a month and a half away until it is officially unveiled. Back in May, we started to see reports claiming the LG V30 would feature one of LG’s new OLED panels instead of the LCD ones that we’re used to on their smartphones. These reports also spoke about how we should expect the South Korean electronics maker to release the smartphone sometime in Q3 of this year.

The LG V20 was released in South Korea at the tail end of September of last year, and most weren’t able to get their hands on it until October at the earliest. It’s unclear if LG will follow the same release schedule this year, but we’re used to the company offering their new devices to South Korea before the rest of the world. Then in June, we noticed some local news reports that suggested LG was preparing to unveil the LG V30 at IFA in Berlin this year.

Finally, the last thing we heard about the LG V30 was from our sources who revealed to us that LG would be ditching the signature secondary display that the LG V series is known for. This came as as surprise to many since an OLED panel seems ideal for this type of auxiliary display. Not only that, but fans of the LG V series have grown to enjoy those additional features that it offered. This had to have been a tough decision for LG because leaked mock ups showed they were trying to find a way to incorporate one.

Now we’re seeing press invites going out to publications for the unveiling of the LG V30. Technically they haven’t announced the phone, or its name, but their press invite does feature a V on a display that is assumed to represent the LG V30. The company will be at IFA 2017 in Berlin and their launch event will take place on August 31st at 9am CST.

Source: Android Central