LG launches new gram laptops with Intel Alder Lake processors in Korea

LG launches new gram laptops with Intel Alder Lake processors in Korea

LG is refreshing its ultra-light gram laptops with 12th-generation Intel processors and optional discrete graphics, the company has announced. The 2022 LG gram lineup includes 14-, 15-, 16- and 17-inch sizes, but the focus is on the two larger models.

The LG gram 16 and 17 will be available with an Intel Core i5-1240P or a Core i7-1260P, which will only be in the 17-inch model. These are both 12-core processors – four performance cores and eight efficient cores – but the Core i7 is obviously faster. Compared to last year’s model, LG says the Core i7 version is up to 70% faster. Some models will also include an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 discrete GPU. That’s the first time a gram laptop features discrete graphics, and it should enable some more intensive workloads, including some gaming.


Additionally, the two models come with up to 32GB of LPDDR5 RAM and a PCIe Gen 4 SSD, though it’s worth noting the RAM is soldered. The storage can be upgraded, though, and there’s even an empty slot available for easier expansion. For the battery, models without a discrete GPU have an 80Wh unit, while those with a dGPU will have a larger 90Wh battery.

The displays are also pretty much the same as before, which isn’t a bad thing. Both the 16-inch and 17-inch panels come in a 16:10 aspect ratio and Quad HD+ (2560 x 1600) resolution, so they’re plenty sharp. They cover 99% of DCI-P3, too, so color reproduction shouldn’t be a problem.

LG gram laptop next to a portable external monitor of the same size

LG didn’t say much about the resolution of the webcam, but the company did mention some smart features. For example, when you have an external display connected, the laptop can automatically move the mouse to the screen you’re looking at. It can also blur the screen if it detects someone standing behind you, or lock the computer when you move away.

Ports-wise, the 2022 LG gram laptops are nearly identical to previous models. There are two Thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB Type-A ports, HDMI, a microSD card reader, and a headphone jack. All of this comes in at 1.29kg for the 16-inch model (with a discrete GPU) and 1.44kg for the 17-inch version.

The 2022 LG gram 16 and 17 will launch in April in South Korea, and typically, global launches follow a month or so later. They come in Snow White, Charcoal Grey, or Obsidian Black color options. In Korea, the LG gram 16 starts at roughly $1,880, and the gram 17 starts at $1,962. However, those prices should be a bit different when the laptops actually launch.

LG also mentioned that the LG gram 14 and gram 15 have been updated with new processors, too, but that’s about all the company shared. As for the convertibles, LG had announced the gram 360 last month and it still comes with 11th-generation processors, which seems like an odd choice. We’ll have to wait to hear more about a launch in the rest of the world. Back in January, LG also announced a new gaming laptop, the UltraGear 17G90Q, also featuring Intel’s 12th-generation processors.

Source: LG
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