LG reportedly working with Lenovo on a 13-inch tablet with a foldable display

LG reportedly working with Lenovo on a 13-inch tablet with a foldable display

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Foldable devices are talked about a lot, but so far we haven’t really seen a real consumer product with this functionality. Sure, there have been devices that technically fold, but they do it with 2 displays side-by-side. An actual single display that folds has been a bit of a unicorn. Samsung, among others, is working on a device, and it looks like Lenovo is teaming up with LG to make one as well.

According to ETNews, Lenovo is working with LG Display on a 13-inch foldable tablet. As you may have guessed, the device will be made by Lenovo and the display will be made by LG. The report claims LG Display has signed a non-disclosure agreement with Lenovo and they have already started on the project. The current plan is to have the OLED foldable displays ready for the second half of 2019. There’s no word on whether this would be an Android or Windows device.

As mentioned, smartphone companies have been working on phones with foldable displays. Besides Samsung, we’ve also heard of Huawei, Xiaomi, and Microsoft working on such devices. But this LG + Lenovo tablet would be a much different device. A 13-inch display would not be able to fold down into a phone-sized form factor. At least not a super pocketable one. However, it could be useful to have a larger device that folds away for storage and travel.

What are your thoughts on foldable displays? Would you prefer something that folds down into the size of a phone or something bigger that folds into the size of a small tablet?

Via: Android Authority