LG Looking to Incorporate MST Tech For Mobile Payments in LG G6

LG Looking to Incorporate MST Tech For Mobile Payments in LG G6

LG plans to go in strong with the G6. We do not really know a whole lot about the G6 at this stage, but recent developments have pointed that LG may finally be ready to move past dead technology and favor newer tech that offers more convenience.

A new report coming out of South Korea indicates that LG is giving up on the “White Card” payment method for mobile payments, which it was reportedly developing for its smartphones for about a year now. The White Card method needed the possession of a physical card in order to undertake mobile payments. LG is abandoning this method due to the White Card’s “low usefulness, problems with batteries and lack of sales strategies”, though the presence of a physical card (thus defeating the purpose of using your phone and not using a debit/credit card in the first place) sounds like a very good reason to not use this mobile payment solution from a consumer perspective. The White Card method sounds like adding inconvenience where it should not exist, and LG moving on is probably for the best.

LG's White Card that it was developing for LG Pay

LG’s White Card that it was developing for LG Pay

What LG will use instead is the kind of MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technology that Samsung uses in Samsung Pay. Of course, Samsung does have patents on MST which should have granted it exclusivity over the technology. But LG is keen on avoiding infringement of Samsung’s patents, which it will do by developing its own MST technology. LG will not outsource the development of this tech, and it has already selected partners to provide components for MST linkage. LG will start working with card companies at the end of this month for linking its payment system.

This MST tech will then be part of the LG G6, which is scheduled to come out in spring of 2017. The report also mentioned that the G6 will come bearing NFC and wireless charging as well. A separate report mentions that the LG G6 will also ditch the “Friends” module ecosystem as LG is not keen on staying aboard the sunk pseudo-modularity ship. We hope LG also manages to clean up on its QA systems, so that problems on its current flagships are not repeated in the future ones.

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Source: ET NewsFeature Image: News1.kr

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