LG may not reveal a smartphone with a foldable display at CES

LG may not reveal a smartphone with a foldable display at CES

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The biggest display trends right now involve slimming down the bezel as much as possible. We’ve seen notches, holes, sliders, and more. That’s all well and good (or terrible, depending on your POV), but the next display trend is shaping up to be completely different. Samsung already showed off a foldable phone prototype and LG was expected to do the same next year. That doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

The original report from October claimed LG was planning to unveil a foldable phone at CES 2019 in January. This news came in the form of a tweet from @evleaks. However, he is now saying the chances of LG showing off that foldable at CES have “plummeted.” Bloomberg is corroborating this report with a story of their own.

Not only does it sound like LG isn’t showing off a device in January, but they may not have a foldable device in 2019 at all. The Bloomberg report states, “Unlike Samsung, LG has no plans to introduce a phone featuring ‘foldable’ screens next year, one person familiar said.” They are, however, working on TVs that can “roll up like posters.” The report did not say anything about tablets, which LG Display is allegedly working on with Lenovo.

Samsung is poised to be the front-runner in the foldable phone race, but just because LG doesn’t seem to be interested doesn’t mean they won’t have competition. In fact, Samsung actually sent foldable displays to OPPO and Xiaomi to make sure the ecosystem is in place. The Android OS is ready for these devices. It’s just a matter of time.

Source: Bloomberg